The continuous evolution of the technology has created complex ecosystems that provide access to a broad range of collected data named commonly as Data Cloud, Data Lake or Data Spaces, the data usually belong to particular areas named verticals. Two common elements on those verticals is that all of them works with large number of datasets and also that an existing demand to exchange and inter-operarate data across those domains exist.

The evolution of Digital transformation and the role Data/AI/Cloud/IoT technologies have also influenced the way how platforms are designed today and how the Next Generation Internet will look like enhancing and providing solutions for enabling/deploying optimal large Data Spaces Management services. Big Data / Cloud-based Data platforms typically promote their specific interfaces and information models, and often adopt non-standard, sometimes fully proprietary, protocols to control a variety of things. This creates a fragmentation and missing interoperability and prevents the emergence of cooperative Big Data ecosystems in which applications can be built so as to use data operated by various Big Data platforms, or to enable data to be operated by different platforms.

This is an ideal workshop environment where the industry and academic communities attending the IoT-Conference can and virtually meet with innovators and research practitioners from that will share their experiences.

The 4th Workshop on Interoperability and Open-Source Solutions focuses on enabling participants for exchanging experiences and ideas with the IoT and Data communities as well as contribute to build new knowledge around for future analysing open issues and identify gaps on interoperability, architectural principles, marketplaces and standardisation efforts. It will also, bring the voice of industrial experts and showcase practical experiences on interoperable IoT solutions and promote open-source solutions..

The workshop is co-organized by the i3-MARKET and INFINITECH consortiums.